rapturous hymns and songs sung with blinding luminosity
— Los Angeles Times
we were also reminded . . . that Hildegard is forever
— Los Angeles Times
Ensemble Vocatrix, who didn’t so much take one’s breath away as hyper-oxygenate the Colburn School’s Zipper Concert Hall
— Los Angeles Times
solid dramatic effect...singing was strong”
— American Recorder Society
beautiful to hear, piercing the spacious heights of the building...
graceful, haunting. . .unforgettable.
— Lauri's List
set the wayback machine for the twelfth century
— Los Angeles Times

summoning the music of the spheres

Summoning the Music of the Spheres


Vocatrix is grateful to have found its start in the welcoming community of St. John's Cathedral, Los Angeles. All photos used with permission of St. John's Cathedral.